All Work and No Play…

Work is coming along on the documentary quite nicely. I’m very confident that we will get a pretty good mark. When all is said and done I’m guessing around 12-15 hours of work per person for three people. I have no idea if that is a lot of work, or if that will be below average for this project.

During my research I stumbled across some interesting articles. It turns out, during the Monday Night Football game between the Titans and the Jaguars on Oct. 18, in the fourth quarter with the game already well in hand for the Titans, ESPN urged the Jaguars to call meaningless timeouts in order to run more commercials.

Also, interesting factoid about the project. It turns out walking and talking is a lot more difficult than it looks. Especially down stairs. Its a good thing its not snowing out yet or we would have been really screwed.


About iamthegame13

Current student in Dr. Strangelove's New Media class at the University of Ottawa.
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