Sour Grapes over Rottentomaoes

The site rottentomaotes is designed to help people get an opinion on movies. It gathers together the reviews of usually hundreds of the worlds leading critics and puts together an overall percentage of approval for a movie. I love the site as it helps me get a feel for a movie before I see it, or whether it is worth my time to watch it at all. Now I know I’m not going to have the exact same opinion as the majority on certain films. Sometime a movie just means something more to me than it does to others.

However, every now and then you’ll see on rottentomaotes that a review will come from a critic or website that you’ve never heard of before. And from what I have noticed is that these reviews are often in the opposite direction of whatever the overwhelming opinion is from the rest of the more respected critics. Now, I don’t know if this is rottentomatoes itself trying to balance some of the movies scores by including an opposing view, or if these people find out that they are going to be selected to have their opinions shared on a very popular site and decide that they have to go in the opposite direction in order to try and get their name out there.

Either way it feels a little off. In the case of the Pixar movie UP, it recieved a 98% Fresh rating. Out of the over 200 hundred reviews used, only 5 of them were negative. Upon further inspection I noticed one review came from an author named Fernando Croce, who ran his own blog-like site writing reviews. These “reviews” were no longer than a paragraph each, and almost all negative.

This saddens me. That this person would almost obviously write negative reviews just to get noticed, or that rottentomatoes would try and effect scores themselves.

What is the world coming to when people start deciding that something is not allowed to be considered “too good”?


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