The Shot Heard Around the Corner

Well, the World Series ended. The San Fransisco Giants defeated the Texas Rangers. Turns out, no one cared.

The ratings are in for the World Series, and it got beaten by numerous other network shows, including Modern Family and The Mentalist. Not sure those are two shows that can be easily compared to baseball, but anyway.

I believe that the reason ratings are down, and have been steadily declining for a few years now, is that the average playoff baseball game takes over three hours to play. THREE HOURS! There is almost nothing that people are going to be willing to invest over three hours into that doesn’t involve money or sex.

With the growing age of YouTube and Twitter, and media that provides substance in small doses, the idea of needing three hours to find out a result of a baseball game or to sit and watch the same thing continuously must seem archaic to a generation raised by the internet. And, to be fair baseball as a sport doesn’t exactly lend itself to over-stimulation. In fact it is usually about nuances, and things that happened earlier in the game. Ironically it takes the full three hours to truly get a full experience out of a baseball game, so I’m sure that doesn’t help.

Hopefully for baseball’s sake, the Yankees and the Dodgers will clash in the World Series and save them from themselves.


About iamthegame13

Current student in Dr. Strangelove's New Media class at the University of Ottawa.
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