Parliament…Not a Terrorist Target?

Now I’m not quite sure how the American Capitol building works, but I doubt that in the middle of the night you can wander up to its front doors, or all around the building and its property and look in windows, wander the grounds its on, or take pictures and videos while doing this.

This is exactly the case in Canada. Many times over the course of the last four years my friends and I have gone for walks, usually in the wee hours of the morning, and gone to the Parliament Buildings just to see them. We would walk right up to the front doors, walk all the way around it, look through windows to see whats inside. Usually all while a police cruiser is parked on the grounds, I guess patrolling them. However, I’m not sure why they are there, they never say anything to us, they never do anything that even looks like they care what we are doing. I guess I should be happy that I live in a country with so little worry over crime or terrorism that it doesn’t care if a bunch of twenty-year old men start poking around its most important government building in the middle of the night.

Maybe they’ll start putting ads on the grounds to give people something to read while they are snooping around. Might as well do something.


About iamthegame13

Current student in Dr. Strangelove's New Media class at the University of Ottawa.
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