Kinecting with others

This past week my roommates and I decided to treat ourselves to an early Christmas gift to…well ourselves. We purchased a Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360.

Now, the gaming skill levels and time spent playing ranges within our house from essentially none at all, to full time gaming addict. But, the Kinect has made it possible for everyone, including friends from outside the house, play and have fun. It literally takes no previous experience or gaming skill to play the Kinect, and play it well.

Without controllers, just natural; and sometimes unatural, body movements, the Kinect allows for a more robust experience. No longer are we confined to learning what buttons do what, or having to deal with those who maybe play a little too much and end up being a little too good at a game compared to everyone else. Now, for example in a game where you have to run, jump, duck and pose, the only skills you need to already know, are how to run, jump, duck and pose.

While to be fair, sometimes the Kinect is not perfect. It can’t always register some of the finer movements, and the voice controls (oh yes, there are voice commands) seem limited at the moment, but if anything, I am more excited to see what is in the future for the system. Even now there are some impressive games both in stores, and coming soon, and in the future I expect the Kinect to become one of the biggest chanegs in interactive entertainment history. Similar to the change between 2D to 3D gaming, or the abiltiy to play online revolutionized multiplayer gaming, I think the Kinect will allow game makers to do things they only previously dreamed of


About iamthegame13

Current student in Dr. Strangelove's New Media class at the University of Ottawa.
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